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Friday, 2 February 2018

Touch Chesi Chudu Review And Rating

Touch Chesi Chudu Review 

This movie revolves around a police officer named Kartikeya (Ravi Teja), who struggles to maintain a balance between his personal and professional life. Unless an event changes his life forever
Touch Chesi Chudu Review
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Touch Chasey Chudu Review: If you are a Sun TV fan or have seen a lot in your movies, then you know what is expected, good humor, screw dialogue (given in their unique style) and action-packed story Earned him the title of 'Mass Maharaja', and in his biggest hits Vikram Sirikonda's 'Touch Chasey Chudu', Ravi Teja is weak and lean than ever, but in the script Not the lack of features that make a successful star in the first place. With a bad screenplay and an impossible story, 'Touch Chassi Chudu' is a cumbersome watch

The film tells the life of Kartikeya (Ravi Teja), who believes that the family is everything at every step, he keeps his family first and shows that he can go to any extent to please his family. She also agrees to get married and meets Pushpa (Rashi Khanna). Known for speaking his mind before he humiliates him and he rejects his marriage proposal. As often happens in Telugu movies, he starts falling for it soon. However, the happy story seems to come suddenly, to stop the chime when Kartikeya's sister witnesses a murder, who completely changes all her life and brings back dark memories.

From the beginning, the film goes on to the lines as expected, largely on the lines. No effort has been made to bring out the characters. The effort on humor is tiresome, songs are shock and lack of sting in action sequences. There is a little element of surprise for the audience, and to save some strange scenes, 'Touch Chasse Chudu' is a drag.

Experienced actors such as Murali Sharma, Satyam Rajesh, and Venela Kishwar take this film with their comic time and offer more relief than a conspiracy line which is not going anywhere. 'Touch Chasey Chudu' is a love story for a moment, after that there are an action drama and a revenge story. Unfortunately, the filmmaker does not judge either of these styles and ends with a cocktail of half-hearted performances

Both Rashi Khanna and Sirat Kapoor have such roles that are totally irrelevant to the film's plot. For example, in the first half, the amount is given a screen space and a love story is established - to go out of boil in the second half only, where the amount is non-existent. On the other hand, the serate appears in bits and pieces in the film's flashback parts. The way in which each character is written and handled, it leaves a lot to be desired. Writing is lazy and nostalgic, and the filmmaker has decided to get some screw on Ravi Taeja and some dialogue (at one point, the "You are a lion," says Chief Global Warming), to give success.

Ravi Teja, in her part, makes her part in her unique style and performs an earnest show. Their communication-distribution, as ever happens, is especially effective, which is as effective as the unconscious cop who breaks all the rules. "Nainu of pending cases is going to end," he needs because he takes charge as ACP.

But even though you were a very tough fan of the Maharaja, you will not be able to change a bit after watching the movie. Ravi Teja's dialogue distribution is still intact, she can still kill the goons, she can still dance in the foreign locality, but if you are being told a good story, then I am afraid that you are not here. Will search

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