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Friday, 12 January 2018

Sketch Movie Review: | Vikram | Live Audience Response | Full Movie |

Sketch Movie Review: | Vikram | Live Audience Response | Full Movie |

Sketch film cast: Vikram, Tamanna BhatiaSketch film director: Vijay ChandraSketch Movie rating: 1.5 stars

If 'Oh Podu' was getting a view using both hands, then the sketch symbol is relatively easy. You just need one hand and there is an incredibly convenient way to focus on something. But I could not find an attractive element in the chaos of sketch, even after using the focus, the hand still points.

I was a little interested when we got a villain who used to eat chocolate. It took me only five minutes to find out that the template is Kolyuli villain who is armed with just a chopstick. The script of the sketch is literally the mind-numbing story goes to some extent in such a way - the random scenes that look good, the punch dialogue, a fight sequence and repeat.

 Include clickable scenes with Tamanna Bhatia at the provisional junctions and throw in some songs too and you have a script. Or we call it a recipe for disaster. Climax is surprising that the film throws you. But by then you are so tired of the film, you feel that the only emotion is relief.

The way women are treated in the sketch, they are angry. How many more bad films do we have to endure, before people find out that pursuing will not create a romantic relationship? Everything about track and movie seems dated. Ammu (Tamanna) is a college student, who mainly wears clothes in sarees. While Jiva alias Sketch Ammu is called a 'white mamo', Ammu falls in love with the sketch because it is like a chapatti (barbed external from the heart of gold). 

They meet in temples and cafes, where they exchange coke when another person is not visible. It is difficult to believe that this is the idea of romance in 2018. Even sketch is not convinced that Amm will be with him, his reaction is an inauspicious up heaval when he hears that he is busy. But Amm sure he loves her why do not she? It is his dream that those who have a bearded love, love them, are messed up, but a person with discretion is oh, it is also a rant that how to remove women from their lovers very well systematically between puppets needed.

Vikram plays the right-hand man to a local loan shark (lends money to buy cars and bikes), played by Harish Peradi. When people don’t pay interest on time, it’s Vikram’s job to seize their vehicle and he doesn’t stop till he gets it done. One such encounter makes him lock horns with a dreaded gangster, Kumar, who doesn’t spare people who lay their hands on his prized possession, a vintage Fiat car (which he owns in memory of his father). Kumar plots a plan to kill Vikram and his gang and what follows forms the crux of the plot.

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