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Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Samsung-made 'Nautilus' Chromebook Confirmed To Be in The Works

Samsung-made 'Nautilus' Chromebook Confirmed
Image From Samsung

The Chromebook ecosystem is flooded with a bunch of sub-par hardware devices, but Samsung is now looking to change that with the launch of its upcoming Chromebook device codenamed 'Nautilus'.

That the Korean giant is working on a Chromebook with detachable design has now been confirmed by a recent Chromium commit, which states:

“VIDEO_IMX258 is added to Kconfig for this new component for camera sensor It will enable this sensor in kernel, so the component used on Samsung Nautilus project could have the MIPI camera support.”
The Nautilus Chromebook is expected to pack a much better spec sheet than existing devices. The commit also reveals that the device will include a Sony IMX258 camera sensor, one that's similar to the one included on the LG G6 or Moto G5s Plus.

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