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Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Don’t Throw Those Onion Peels. They Can Be Great For Your Hair

Onions are the most important ingredients in any kitchen. It is that ingredient that makes the food taste great and sumptuous. We use onions and throw the onion peels. Barely do we know that the peels of most of the fruits and vegetables have more nutritional values than that of the main food or fruit. Similarly, onion peels have great importance. It is shocking to know that tons of onion peels are wasted every year without knowing its importance. Let us learn about the unusual uses of onion peels that can make you regret throwing away those peels in the past.

Hair Dye
Are you tired of using chemically treated hair dye? You can use onion peels to prepare hair dye that is brown in color. Turn your grey hair into golden naturally. The hair follicles also get nourishment with the presence of sulfur in it.

Improve anti-oxidant quantity
Bread with anti-oxidants have more nutritional value than that without it. Adding onion peels to the wheat flour can increase the anti-oxidant quantity in your bread. Next time, you bake a bread or bun, add this and see the improvement in your health. Health can’t be compromised with and this is one of the cost-effective ways of maintaining the healthy diet.

Uses of onion peels

Hacks at home
Onion promotes hair growth. Using the onion peels dipped in oil and massaging the hair regularly will promote immense hair growth. It also helps you get back the natural volume of your hair by preventing hair loss and thinning. Are you a fan of brown hair? Get the tinge with the use of onion peel oil in your hair. If you are falling short of onions and you realize that it is late for you to go out and buy some, you can use the leftover onion peels saved in the past. It will add flavor to your food and soup. Onion peels can also be used to produce natural dye for wool. They have the natural color, red or yellow and that can be an advantage because the dye sticks well to the woolen fiber.

Easter eggs
It may happen that you have eggs for the decoration on Easter; however, the eggs can’t be dyed as you don’t have it when you need it. Do you have onion peels? They will do the job for you. They will add the purple hue color to you Easter eggs. You never knew it was so easy to dye an egg.

Compost heap
You know it well that critters are easily attracted by the compost piles. To keep them in control, you can keep onion peels in them so that there is no critter around. Keep the critters away with the help of a rotten onion or onion peels.
These are some of the uses of onion peels. Next time, you have onion peels at home and are ready to throw them away, think twice as they can be put to use for a better and easy life.

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