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Thursday, 11 January 2018

Bigg Boss 11 | Jan 10 | Written Update | Akash Dadlani | Is Out Of The House |Why? |

It is surprising that the Big Boss left five competitors in the game in the lounge area and asked Sky Dadlani to leave the house. The reason for this was that he had got minimum votes in public polling. But a very intense drama was exposed before Dalani was ousted.
 Bigg Boss 11 | Jan 10 | Written Update | Akash Dadlani | Is Out Of The House |Why? |
Image Taken from twitter Akash Dadlani official account
Tomorrow's 'Arshi Chhoti Hai' work remains in the field with three candidates. Shilpa and Vikas worked with other 'mean' contestants yesterday, this was the turn of Akash Dadlani, Hina Khan and Poonesh Sharma to go through the same work.
Work coordinator Arshi asked about all his ideas and ultimately approved the idea of development. Vikas said that he would destroy the favorite shoes of the sky by dipping them in color. Against the popular belief, development actually did this. It must have surprised most of its enthusiastic fans. Generally, he is considered as a humble, gentle partner.
Everyone, including Hina, used to try to calm Shilpa, but she got out of anger. There was no limit to his anger, and it seemed that he was completely devoured by Hina's hatred from her hatred. Finally, he broke the cup and stopped Hina. Hina was trying to win some cool qualities because she had quieted Hina. It was just the beginning because Hina Khan was next to bear the pain of hostile rivals. This time, Arshi gave a green tilt to the idea of Shilpa Shinde, who offered to break Hina's favorite cup with a lion on her.
However, the worst was yet to come, and it should have been that Poonesh Sharma, whose name stood at the end of the development, said that he waxed the hair of the body of Poonch just when people thought that he was joking, then He went ahead and brought lotions and pads. Puneesh was seen in pain, while Vikas waxed his legs and chest
Based on the work done on both the days, Arshi had to pick the lowest candidate and chose Vikas Gupta as the winner of the task. Nobody was surprised because he was actually the most important person in the final work
Akash Dadlani, who was awakened by contestants only after surprisingly ejected for sleeping in the middle of the night, received at least the votes and thus got out of the game. Before going out, he apologized to everyone for the mistakes made during the show.
Now, the four finalists in the house are Shilpa Shinde, Hina Khan, Vikas Gupta and Puneesh Sharma. Can Puneesh make up his game and in fact is a difficult challenge for all three?Let's wait and see.

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